Ocean SMP 2.1.0

New Changes Plugins TempFlyEveryone gets 1h of TempFly every day.It will accumulate.To toggle fly, use /tf.When you run out of TempFly time, you will be unable to fly.Requested by: Stagz_ DiscordSRVConnects the SMP kek Discord server’s #general channel with the in game chat.You can link your account with /discord link. Messages in #general can be […]

Ocean SMP Season 2: Update Log

Welcome to Season 2 of Ocean SMP.Version 2.0.0 Based on feedback from the previous season, the server has been slightly revamped and updated for a new feel and a different gameplay experience. Plugin Changes New plugins LessAnnoyingSurvival – Makes survival less annoying (SpigotMC plugin page) Commands: /las cm: Adds a concrete maker inventory. Supply the […]