Who’s sadderA person who’s drowning in projects that they are doing for funor a person who believes that being “busy” is doing stuff they hate Honestly, I believe it’s the second category.

TellRawLib – API completed

Whew I finally completed the API portion of TellRawLib today. Seems to work upon testing on 1.14 server. Guess I’m done with plugin development for today.

Ocean SMP 2.1.0

New Changes Plugins TempFlyEveryone gets 1h of TempFly every day.It will accumulate.To toggle fly, use /tf.When you run out of TempFly time, you will be unable to fly.Requested by: Stagz_ DiscordSRVConnects the SMP kek Discord server’s #general channel with the in game chat.You can link your account with /discord link. Messages in #general can be […]

Game review: Overwatch

Note: This review is my (and some other guy’s) opinion and this is in no way objective at all. It is just my personal experience of the game as it is. Take it with a grain of salt. Character Design Seems pretty fairly balanced, with the exception of Brigitte, who although has been nerfed, is […]

Has role queue even fixed anything?

I doubt role queue has fixed anything in Overwatch. Not only am I taking 60x the amount of time to find matches as last time (10min vs 10s) (last time – referring to pre role queue), the matches aren’t even better! There are plenty of people playing tank/support as a DPS, and people still consistently […]

My Schedule

Yeah this post is completely random but I’d thought I just write it down anyway lest I forget about it. Also, it is my schedule as of now, but it can and will change. Anyway With School Morning + Afternoon: Stuck in school (Gym) Night: Overwatch + Game Dev + Plugin Dev Without School Morning: […]

Ocean SMP Season 2: Update Log

Welcome to Season 2 of Ocean SMP.Version 2.0.0 Based on feedback from the previous season, the server has been slightly revamped and updated for a new feel and a different gameplay experience. Plugin Changes New plugins LessAnnoyingSurvival – Makes survival less annoying (SpigotMC plugin page) Commands: /las cm: Adds a concrete maker inventory. Supply the […]

Why is NMS so cancerous?

Sorry for being insensitive to cancer patients, but literally writing any NMS code makes me want to die in a hole. I literally have to choose between writing a bunch of reflection, which is bad, or abstraction, which is equally bad because you need to write 1000000000 files to handle each version. Tedious

Minimalism and Productive Workspaces, and how to achieve one

If you are anywhere interested in computer workspaces, you may have heard of the term “clean setup”. But what actually is a “clean” setup? I believe that a “clean” setup is a computer workspace that is free from unnecessary items that are not essential for productivity, or does not add any aesthetic value to the […]

What happened?

So… if you haven’t noticed yet, my blog looks different now. Seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? I lost everything. Well, not really. I just lost my old blog, my old blog posts and my old blog configuration. I did something really stupid on my web server and I manage to ruin the file permissions […]