About Me

Hi! I’m Robert. I usually go by DerpZ/xiurobert or some variation of that online. I write code, play games and make art. But not music.

I’m a professional software engineer that works freelance. I only work remotely. I have 6 years of experience in Java, 5 years of experience in Web Design (Frontend), 5 years of experience in PHP, 4 years of experience in JavaScript, 3 years of experience in Python, 1 year of experience in C#.

I usually do full stack development freelance, and I write Spigot plugins and make games in Unity in my spare time.

I have over 6000 hours in Minecraft, and I was once an Overwatch semi-pro (but only for a month) and my highest SR was 3724. I still play Overwatch, but only very casually. I play some rhythm games, namely Cytus II and Cytoid but I’m not really good at rhythm games.

In my spare time, I do motion graphics and animation (with Adobe After Effects) and I’m decently fit I think? (220lbs deadlift 190lbs squat 130lbs bench @ 135lbs). Yes I know, my bench press is lower than my weight. I’m weak. I get it.

This is my corner of the internet. If you’re wondering about the TLD being a free one, yes I’m too stingy to just buy the domain I want. I don’t post regularly, and I will use this as a place to take notes for myself, so some posts may seem completely random and out of the place. You could take it as a chance to read my thoughts.

Cool. It was nice meeting you. Thanks for visiting the site. You can stay here or err… do other things that are more productive?