I doubt role queue has fixed anything in Overwatch.

Not only am I taking 60x the amount of time to find matches as last time (10min vs 10s) (last time – referring to pre role queue), the matches aren’t even better! There are plenty of people playing tank/support as a DPS, and people still consistently complain about the DPS players even though they are doing their job. Also there are wayyyy too many people that aren’t playing in their own region. Literally please just go back to your own region if you can’t speak English. Why are you connected to the Americas region if you can’t speak English? The game is a team game where you need to talk to your team. You can’t talk to your team if all you’re going to do is insist on speaking in your own language and saying those few cuss words you know in English because people can’t accommodate you? The world doesn’t revolve around you mate.