Note: This review is my (and some other guy’s) opinion and this is in no way objective at all. It is just my personal experience of the game as it is. Take it with a grain of salt.

Character Design

Seems pretty fairly balanced, with the exception of Brigitte, who although has been nerfed, is still very powerful against almost everyone in the hero cast. Brigitte can take on a full team 1v6 and actually survive with almost no damage taken because of her self healing, shield as well as her crowd control abilities. One can’t really tell how effective each individual hero is though, as some heroes such as Bastion are never picked, and other heroes with high skill ceilings such as Genji are played so poorly that it makes the hero seem like absolute rubbish.

Community Management

It is rather unfair to not allow players to report other players for hitting lucky shots as lucky shots are essentially cheating and are completely unfair to the person who they hit it on. It doesn’t help that the game is completely in favour of the enemy team and Blizzard will do whatever they can in an attempt to make you lose. In fact, it has been confirmed that if you have a very long win streak in competitive, you will be put into a team of players with losing streaks, but the opposing team will be a team of players on a long winning streak. This seems completely unfair in my opinion as the matchmaking algorithm seems to be forcing you to only be able to have a 50% winrate or less. The state of the report system is completely abysmal as not only are the reports automatically managed by bots and you can actually get silenced because someone reported you 100 times for abusive chat, but the appeal process is absolutely horrendous. The Blizzard support staff stand in firm belief that their report system is 100% foolproof and will even go to lengths to dig up match chat history from 1 year ago to prove that you saying “lmao” is toxic because you said in match chat after you got a really funny kill on someone. This doesn’t help the fact that Blizzard is extremely biased in favour of Koreans and will not hesistate to instantly punish someone who has been reported by a Korean. However, if a Korean is reported, they will never get punished by Blizzard.


Gameplay is not too shabby, but could definitely do with some work. The game is still extremely buggy and game breaking bugs are constantly being posted to the forums and reddit, but Blizzard still seems intent on fixing the bugs that are completely harmless and fun and take weeks to fix a game breaking bug that can affect competitive matches. Take for instance, the bug where a tracer can blink into the bell in the middle of Hanamura Point A. Blizzard took almost 2 entire months to fix this extremely game breaking bug which can be abused by the Tracer to hit enemies outside of the bell while being practically invulnerable herself with the exception of getting hit by Dragonstrike. However, a bug that caused sprays to become big in the spawn room somehow only took Blizzard 1 hour to patch out. There is a large amount of gamesense required in this game, and it can be unfair to players with good aim but terrible gamesense. While smurfing, I’ve met players with actually good aim, but are hardstuck in their rank due to the fact that their gamesense is utter garbage. This seems to go against the fact that Overwatch is classified as a “first-person shooter”, which tells us that this game rewards good aim. Overwatch is a game in a class of its own, an “FPS-MOBA”.

Another aspect of the game that can be quite frustrating to players is what’s known as “crowd-control”. This is when other players restrict your access to movement, abilities, shooting or camera control. This can be rather unfair at times. For example, if you get frozen by a Mei, you will be unable to move, shoot, use abilities or even control your camera. This can be rather tilt inducing. Another example is Ana’s Sleep Dart, which can make you lie on the ground, restricts your camera, prevents you from using abilities or shoot, and even messes with audio to make everything sound different. It is no wonder that the community can get quite toxic at times, because they are always getting hit by such crowd control elements that take away control from them in aspects that should be controllable by them. It is extremely tilting to not be able to control your own character because other people are actively preventing you from doing it. Other than that, the gameplay is pretty good and the HUD is honestly quite sleek and enjoyable.


Honestly why does such a buggy game even have esports? /s Overwatch esports events again is another example of a great idea with poor execution. Blizzard again shows its massive bias towards Koreans. For example, Blizzard punishes xQc, a professional tank players and one of the best Winston players in the world with a huge fine, suspension and finally ban from Overwatch league simply because he told another player to go “suck on a fat cock”. Generally, this message isn’t that offensive to people, but however Blizzard seemed to think that people would take offence simply because the player that xQc was directing that insult to was gay. In fact, the player himself did not get offended by what xQc said and Blizzard simply chose to ban him. However, a Korean player called “Profit” for the team of London Spitfire in the Overwatch League stuck up his middle finger to hundreds of thousands of live viewers and all he got hit with was a slap on the wrist and a small fine, which is honestly laughable, because the middle finger is a universal indicator of “fuck you” which is insulting to everyone in the world no matter who you are. This kind of behaviour from Blizzard is honestly disgusting and shows how unfair they are and how NOT to run a eSports event for such a large game. Bugs in the game also should be ironed out before actually releasing the game for competitive eSports where a monetary reward is involved, else it can be rather unfair when players’ careers can be affected due to bugs in the game.


Honestly, the artwork is amazing. There is just so much detail in the game. For example, on the map Busan, the spawn room has a large clay mural of a dragon with incredible detail in the mural and leads me to believe a large amount of attention has been devoted to making the maps look good. In Blizzard world, the back of the attacker’s spawn room opens up to the entrance of a fictional theme park and it seems to closely resemble what an actual theme park may look like. Honestly, there is just so many good things to say about the artwork that I will never be able to finish reviewing the artwork.

Characters and balance

However, I wish Blizzard paid as much attention as they do to the detail in the maps as they did to the heroes cast and balance. Blizzard honestly has no idea how to balance heroes properly, making heroes that are absolutely rubbish on release, then making said heroes very overpowered. Sombra is a very good example. Sombra was absolutely rubbish on release and no one actually picked her be it in a professional level match or just normal competitive matches. Now, Sombra is so overpowered that she is seen in nearly every professional level game and high ranked games. Blizzard also had to rework Hanzo because too many trash players complained about scatter arrow due to the fact that they were getting absolutely destroyed by good players through the use of the ability.


The developers have actually put a lot of effort into optimising the game and making it accessing for as many players as they can. The minimum system requirements to run the game are actually very low and even with the minimum system requirements, the game doesn’t look too bad. However, with a good system, the game doesn’t attempt to look much better than worse systems which is kind of disappointing.
Apparently, colour blind options have been improved greatly, so that is also a huge plus.


Overall the game has good design but not as good execution. More attention could have been paid to actually making a balanced game rather than punishing pros, being biased to a certain country and making art that would never be seen by anyone cough out of map Blizzard world.


Community: 2/10
eSports: 4/10
Character design: 7/10
Art: 9.5/10
Worth: 6.5/10
Overall score: 8.5/10

Other Opinions

I think the whole idea of low skill-cap heroes kind of ruined the game; not that there shouldn’t be low skill-cap heroes but they shouldn’t be marketed as such because it encourages poor play and is an easy excuse for players that abuse this instead of putting in the time to practice and get good at them.

Old torbjörn, for example. He’s a high skill-cap hero that was marketed as a low one and that turned him into a sorry excuse for a hero because of his players despite his strong design.

Hundotte (InfiniaPress discord)

I would like to add on to the balance part

Blizzard can never seen to judge how muchto buff or nerf a hero. Take mercy for an example they felt her rez was boring so they changed it entirely for a very overpowered ultimate which is valkyrie. It allowed mercy to guardian angel at a much faster speed, chain heal and even get off 2 instant rezzes which made her a must Pick.

After 4-5 months in the mercy meta, blizzard decide to nerf her to oblivion. Her valkyrie no longer provides instant rezzes, she moves slower, it lasts only 15 sec Making it absolutely obsolete when combine with 50 HPS

Her ult is basically spectator mode and unimpactful which is not how mercy should be since she is a dedicated support hero

Her Rez also has 1.5 sec cast time making it very punishing and almost impossible to sue at high levels of gameplay

Her healing is so bad moira outheals her while being able to provide value by killing flankers

Ana’s abilities are much more impactful and her healing is Long range and much better with biotic grenade

Lucio has speed boost which can help dive tanks dive onto enemy supports and lucio can dish out decent dps himself if used properly

Zens ult can save team fights making it very impactful and his damage potential is the equivalent or even more than a dps when used in the righ hands

As you can see mercy has the least impact despite being healing her only role. All these heroes here have sooo much more impact and can cover double or triple roles

Forsaken69 (edited for clarity)