Welcome to Season 2 of Ocean SMP.
Version 2.0.0

Based on feedback from the previous season, the server has been slightly revamped and updated for a new feel and a different gameplay experience.

Plugin Changes

New plugins

LessAnnoyingSurvival – Makes survival less annoying (SpigotMC plugin page)


  • /las cm: Adds a concrete maker inventory. Supply the inventory with 3 water buckets and all your concrete powder.

Dynmap – Adds a viewable map (SpigotMC plugin page)

You may view the map over at http://bit.ly/smp_dynmap.

Commands: None required

Removed plugins

FactionShop (/fs) – Didn’t feel like it fit in very well with the economy

Gameplay Changes


  • Anti Creeper Grief
  • Anti Enderman Grief
  • Anti Ghast Grief
  • Customizable Armour Stands
  • Double Shulker Shells
  • Ender dragon drops elytra and dragon egg
  • Count the amount of items passing through a water stream
  • Mobs drop heads
  • 1 player sleeping changes to day
  • Redstone rotation wrench
  • Terracotta rotation wrench
  • Nether portal linker help
  • Players drop heads
  • Villager workstation viewer

See more datapack info and help guide on VanillaTweaks

Some datapacks that come with commands can be access via /trigger

Crafting changes

  • 12 trapdoors
  • Full log blocks
  • Coal and charcoal can be crafted into ink sacs
  • 1 block can be turned into 2 half slabs
  • Droppers can be crafted into dispensers
  • More stairs are produced from planks
  • Coral blocks can be crafted
  • Nether wart blocks can be converted to nether warts
  • Any coloured block can be dyed with anything
  • Name tags are craftable

To see recipes, check out Crafting Tweaks on VanillaTweaks

Seed information

The seed is -7866897547630675471.

You may view seed information on MineAtlas. You can find biomes on ChunkBase.

Other details

You can view a map of the server on the Dynmap server. Do note that it may be incomplete as the chunks have not been fully rendered yet. You can also chat with players in the server from the map interface.

Banned Players

  • BinnerMC Permanent / Griefing

Staff Members

  • RealDerpZ – Network administrator
  • 1234567890a – Owner
  • StagZ_ – Moderator

Server technical details and specifications

System Information:

  • Amazon AWS EC2 c5.large (online 24/7)
  • Java 8 update 221
  • 2.5GiB RAM allocated
  • 30GB SSD

Server software: BungeeCord + PaperMC 1.14.4 Build #175

Render distance: 6 chunk radius

Average TPS: 20

Looking for last season’s world files?

Thank you for playing on Ocean SMP.