So… if you haven’t noticed yet, my blog looks different now. Seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?

I lost everything.

Well, not really. I just lost my old blog, my old blog posts and my old blog configuration. I did something really stupid on my web server and I manage to ruin the file permissions in the directory that contains my WordPress installation, so unfortunately the configuration I put into my past WordPress installation is gone as I had to delete the entire folder. But not to worry, I lost a couple of useless blog posts from my old days. But anyway, today’s post isn’t to talk about the huge mess up I made. It’s to talk about the direction of this blog.

In the past, I used to post really infrequently, and I wouldn’t write anything. Well, I’ve decided to change that, and I want to publish at least one post every single week. That shall be my goal for now. If I am able to maintain it, I’ll try to write 2 posts every week, evenly spaced from each other.

Besides changing the frequency of the postings, I’ve also decided to change the content of the posting. As most people who know me will know, I’m the co-founder and product development lead and manager (aka CTO) for a Fintech startup in Singapore, and I’m also the software engineer that is building a large portion of the framework. I would like to share with you some of the things I’ve learnt while building the technology stack. Maybe this week, I’ll write a post about some React Native tips and what I found effective in getting from nothing to developing really really fast.

I was thinking of starting a engineering blog for our company, but that would be for a later date. For now, I’ll just post my personal experiences with engineering here.

That does not mean I will not talk about other things unrelated to engineering here though. I’ve recently taken up an interest in electronics and I may post here about some of the projects I’ve done and my experiences as well. Gaming posts will probably come as well, and maybe some rants about life in general.

It’s rather late now, so I’d like to end off here. This is quite a major change from my old style of blogging, so I will try to give myself some time to adjust and write these posts. I hope this new style will work out better and interest you more.